[nsp] CT3IP & 7507

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Mon Feb 16 10:06:22 EST 2004

I am configuring a CT3IP card in a 7507 running rsp-k4pv-mz.120-27.S.bin and
I am having some strange results.

First, when I configure the framing, my choices are c-bit or m23.  I want
this to act as 28xT1, so I would think it should be M13.  Is this just a
strange Cisco thing that they actually call it M23 instead of M13?

Second, when I configure the DS1's, they don't show up under the controller
for some reason.  They are configured and they show up as serial lines, but
I don't see the "t1 1 time 1-24 speed 64" like I would think I would.  When
I do this on a CT1 card, I see the T1 group or PRI group, but not on this
card.  Is that usual?

controller T3 0/0/0
 framing m23
 clock source line
 cablelength 200

interface Serial0/0/0:1
 no ip address
 no ip directed-broadcast
interface Serial0/0/0:2
 no ip address
 no ip directed-broadcast
interface Serial0/0/0:3
 no ip address
 no ip directed-broadcast

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