[nsp] bridged tunnel

Kenny Stoltz kenny at qx.net
Mon Feb 16 12:05:22 EST 2004

I have a ATM PVC on one router that I'd like to be bridged to a ethernet 
sub int on another router, however no direct link (L2 at least) between 
the two exists. Is there any way to give layer 2 transport without MPLS, 
like via a tunnel that was bridged on each end. I don't even know how to 
start going about that.

Would something along the lines of:

Router A:

interface atm6/0.10076 point-to-point
   pvc 1/76

interface tunnel 76
   tunnel source interface atm6/0.10076
   tunnel destination

interface f0/0
   ip address

(i'm assuming it knows how to route to via eigrp :-) )

Router B:

interface f0/0
   ip address

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