[nsp] network statements in two eBGP peers

Brian Wallingford brian at meganet.net
Wed Feb 18 21:03:23 EST 2004

On Wed, 18 Feb 2004 isaac at ravengate.net wrote:

:is it a problem to announce the same networks from two different eBGP
:peers to two different upstreams?

Pardon for deleting most of the context.

So long as you are authoritative for both ASN's and all prefixes in
question, simply apply the same network statements, or a combination of
deaggregated net statements if necessary (with whatever traffic
management tweaks you deem necessary) to both routers' bgp process.

If the prefixes aren't your own, but a combination of upstream
delegations, you'll need to clear such with both upstreams.

There are no technical barriers to this scenario, only political (and only
if the prefixes are not your own).


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