[nsp] Gbic symbol errors

Jonas Frey (Probe Networks) jf at probe-networks.de
Sun Feb 22 19:39:49 EST 2004


we are using serveral Cat. 3524XL here, which are connected to j-vendor
routers. On one of the 3524 (equip. with a LX/LH Gbic 5486) I tried all
possible duplex and flowcontrol options, however i always get (fast
increasing >100/sec) 
"Symbol error frames".
(show controllers ethernet-controller)

I found a short description on this error:
A Symbol error means the interface detects an undefined(invalid) Symbol
received.  Small amounts of symbol errors can be ignored. Large amounts
of symbol errors could could indicate a bad device, cable or bad

However, does anyone have encountered this error before and if how did
you fix it? (Is this really a hardware fault?)

Oh yeah, IOS is Version 12.0(5)WC3b.

Btw, on the j-vendor interface i dont see any errors at all.


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