[nsp] 7500 IOS

Beprojects.com info at beprojects.com
Sun Feb 22 13:03:46 EST 2004

Can anybody make a recommendation on a stable IOS release for a 7507 with
the following requirements:

1.  BGP (basic support)
2.  CT3IP support (broken out into individual T1's)
3.  SSO

I would think this would be fairly easy as the feature requests aren't
outlandish, but I've tried 12.2(18)S3 and the interface coutners are all
messed up.  I tried the latest 12.0S and I couldn't config the CT3IP cards
(well I could, but whenever I rebooted all of the serial ports disappeared).
I tried regular 12.2, but of course SSO isn't supported.

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