[nsp] cipMacHCSwitchedBytes

hakan lindholm hakan at staff.spray.se
Sun Feb 22 21:32:34 EST 2004

On Fri, 20 Feb 2004, Andre Chapuis wrote:

> Did anyone manage to use the cipMacHCSwitchedBytes MIB to get 64bits counters for MAC accounting ?
> The 32 bit version works, but the 64bit one gives nothing. IOS problem ?

My problem was that IU had to switch from SNMP version 1 to ver 2c.  That
is -v2c option to snmpwalk.  Also be careful to use the correct OID prefix.

The routers is a 12012 with 12.0(25)S in this case.
Example MRTG config included below.


Target[]: at ix.lycos-europe.net:::::2
MaxBytes[]: 12500000
Title[]: IX: ---- AS2061 - IC ----
PageTop[]: <H1>IX: ---- AS2061 - IC ----</H1>
        IP:, DNS: ic.ix.net

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