[nsp] Bridging?

Vincent De Keyzer vincent at dekeyzer.net
Thu Feb 26 08:36:31 EST 2004

Hello guys,
I am trying to do something without even knowing whether it's possible or
not (all I have is a vague promise of a sales guy a few months ago :-).
The set-up is as follows:
 Cisco 3640 with VWIC-2MFT-E1 <----E1 link---> E1/Eth Bridge <----> Ethernet
So what I am trying to do is to turn the E1 interface on the Cisco (or, more
exactly, Serial0/0:0)  into an ethernet host on a remote (i.e. beyond the E1
link) network.
I see problems already like: what will be the MAC address of serial0/0:0 on
the ethernet network? I have seen a "mac-address" command in int.
configuration mode; but before jumping in this I thought I would ask the
ones who know...

1.	Is what I am trying to do completely irrealistic or not?
2.	If no, what commands do I need on the cisco?

Note: on the bridge I can configure either PPP or HDLC; but none of them
could succeed to bring the line protocol up on the cisco side (can produce
the debugs if that helps).

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