[nsp] OSPF or IS-IS (specific scenario)

Pete Kruckenberg pete at kruckenberg.com
Thu Feb 26 23:27:06 EST 2004

I'm looking at deploying a network that has to support IPv4
unicast and multicast and native IPv6 with strong likelihood
of MPLS (VPN and TE) and VRF. Backbone protocol (between 10
PoPs) will be BGP confederations using the IGP only to route
between loopbacks.

The hardware will be GSR 12404's with PRP2's.

I'm biased towards OSPF unless it won't work for this
configuration. My particular concern is the mix of
multicast, IPv6 and MPLS with BGP confederations and the
possibility that OSPF might not be fully implemented for
that mix (or less-stable/mature than IS-IS for any single
protocol or combination of protocols).

I'm also wondering if OSPF will continue to play catch-up
with IS-IS (at least in IOS implementation) in terms of new
features, advanced network capabilities, and implementation
maturity. Will the lag time OSPF experienced in getting
millisecond convergence time and IPv6 support relative to
IS-IS continue to be the case in the future?

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

Thanks for your insights.


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