[nsp] Router running out of memory

Tima Maryin tima at cplire.ru
Wed Jul 7 02:03:59 EDT 2004


You have 10Mb of free io mem.

By entering
conf t
memory-size iomem 10

you can increase proc mem for ~6.4 mb (after reboot)

For more detailed troubleshooting provide us with sh ver, sh proc mem s, sh run, 
sh logg.

Krzysztof Adamski wrote:
> I'm maintaining a network for a customer, it is hub and spoke design,
> the spoke links are 802.1q VLANs to the hub, no VPN.
> The hub router is a 2621 with 64MB of memory.
> The customer has few hundred PCs at different sites, now they are infected
> with something that is scanning the world for more machines to infect.
> The hub router is running out of processor memory, withing about 10
> minutes after reboot it has:
>                 Head    Total(b)     Used(b)     Free(b)   Lowest(b)  Largest(b)
> Processor   81669824    31025116    28080224     2944892       79752       50052
>       I/O    3400000    12582912     1981184    10601728    10571664    10573980
> If I try to enable CEF I get:
> %DCEF not supported with 802.1q encapsulation on subinterface
> %CEF not supported with 802.1q encapsulation on subinterface
> Is there anything that can be done to prevent this? Would a bigger router
> be better?

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