[nsp] SLB in combination with bridging

Ivan ivan at iskon.hr
Wed Jul 14 05:34:48 EDT 2004

Hi to all,

I'm trying to achieve Server Load Balancing using Cisco 7200 router with 2
FE i this combination:
    |_ PIX__|
| Cisco Switch 1 |- Host3
|  7200 w SLB feature |
| Cisco Switch 2 |
   |	   |
Host1   Host2

Under PIX is one x.x.x.x/24 network, so I would like to implement bridging
in a way which works with SLB feature on 7200 router so that i don't have to
change network behind SLB router and implement VLAN on PIX as PIX don't what
to route packet back to same interface it came.

I created BVI interface and put FE interface in bridge-group.
bridge irb
bridge 10 protocol ieee
bridge 10 route ip
ip slb vserver WWW
 virtual xx.xx.xx.XX tcp www
 serverfarm Wservers
ip slb serverfarm Wservers
 nat server
 real Host1 80
 real Host2 80
interface BVI10
 ip address xxx.xxx.xxx.XY
interface FastEthernet0/0
 no ip address
 bridge-group 10
interface FastEthernet0/1
 no ip address
 bridge-group 10
Bridge works, and I can ping SLB virtual address and Host1&2 from Host3 and
internet but when I try to connect to SLB virtual address on port 80 i get
Connection refused..
command show tells that virtual and Real servers are operational. Router
receive packet but SLB process don't and there aren't any SLB debug output.
Anybody try this or in some other combination?


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