[nsp] pppoe & mlppp & l2tp

BALLA Attila atis at eik.bme.hu
Thu Jul 15 09:08:32 EDT 2004


  we would like to use the following config:
  DSL CPE <- PPPoE -> LAC <- L2TP -> LNS
  The DSL CPE is 806, 831 or 1720 with wic-1enet. The DSL speed is
64k/384k, and we would like to use this line for voice, for this we need
  I have some questions:
  Is mlppp & lfi over pppoe supported on the platform above?
  Do I need ppp multilink on virtual-template of LAC? I read in RFC1717,
that multilink is negotiated during the initial lcp option negotiation, so
I mean, we need it.

Best Regards,

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