[c-nsp] Question regarding 6500

Ryan O'Connell ryan at complicity.co.uk
Fri Jul 30 12:10:50 EDT 2004

I've never lost a switch due to dual PSU failure - in fact, I've only 
ever seen one 6509 PSU actually fail. (And it took a whole circuit with 
it when it did...)

On the other hand, I've lost several non-fabric-enabled switches due to 
failure of the backplane interface chipset on a line card, which often 
takes the whole backplane out until you remove the card. I've also never 
seen a redundant supervisor sucessfully recover from a failed primary.

In terms of MTBF, based on my personal experience of 6509s it's about 1 
failure per 25 switch-years (I.e. you'd get one failure a year if you 
had 25 switches) for the whole chassis and 1:50 for the linecards. 
(Excluding failures in the first month of running)

Hudson Delbert J Contr 61 CS/SCBN wrote:

>have to agree as we have a slew of them and to extend it, i'd venture
>a guess that MOST enterprise switch failure modes are connected to blade or
>failures as opposed to other chassis or components.
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>Dear Vish,
>We have 2 Cat6509's (for redundancy purposes) at our company and they're
>doing more than very well. To be exactly....we NEVER had any problems with
>any hardware but, of course, this doesn't say that it's representative for
>all 6500-series Catalysts. I think that most of the downtime due to
>defective hardware is caused by the blades. Second cause is a poorly
>network-design. Personally I don't think you'll find someone who has two
>defective cat6509-powersupply's at the same time, but allways keep a spare
>for emergency purposes. I really don't think you can describe the chances of
>failiure by any numbers.
>Best regards,
>Duncan Stork
>The Netherlands
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>Onderwerp: [c-nsp] Question regarding 6500
>Sorry for the spam. I am trying to find this info, but can't find it
>anywhere. So posting my question to a wide and experienced audience.
>What are the chances of dual Sup 6500 chassis going down completely for
>whatever reason in general or hardware failure in particular. Anyone has
>MTBF for 6500 with dual everything (power supply, sup)?
>You may reply to me off list.

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