[nsp] High-availabity GigE connection to two switches

Rubens Kuhl Jr. rubens at email.com
Tue Jun 1 17:41:38 EDT 2004

> > Any suggestions on how to provide high-availability to a server that
> > has two network cards, each one connected to a different switch ?
> > Etherchannel doesn't seem to apply here, unfortunately. (Switch is
> > either a Cat4K or a Cat6k)
> >
> did you ever try one of these link protectors (e.g.
> http://www.shoremicro.com/html/sm-2601f.shtml)? If you would also make
> use of your two network cards, put them back to back.

And that link protector might become the single point of failure(although it
defaults to primary on loss of power, if it fails for any reason...)
Besides that, dual network card is also a requirement. I didn't get how
putting two cards back to back with this link protector would work.


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