[nsp] Counters on VLAN interfaces

atticus at satanic.org atticus at satanic.org
Thu Jun 3 15:01:55 EDT 2004

> Counters for vlan interfaces on the Cisco 3550-EMI are not reliable.

Its not that they're unreliable -- they're nonexistant. Unless there's
been a very recent enhancement, the 3550 will only count process-switched
traffic to an SVI, so unless something's broken you'll only see
administrative and routing protocols.

> > If I do a show int for a subinterface (FastEthernet), infact I've no
> > counters (and a show interface summary also has a note: "No separate
> > counters are mantained for subinterfaces"), but if I poll the
> > interface via snmp it returns counters that seem right...

Search the archive for Gert's rants on counters, namely that theres
several different instances kept all of the place. I'm sure there's a good
reason that the CLI and SNMP can't share the same structures, but I have
no idea what it would be...

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