[nsp] About to purchase AP-1121G or AP-1231G the question is which ?

Kristofer Sigurdsson ks at rhi.hi.is
Thu Jun 10 06:49:08 EDT 2004


Goldberg Alain (IT), Thu, Jun 10, 2004 at 09:45:00AM +0300 :
> Our current wireless infrastructure is based on AP-350's.
> We curently use LEAP.
> We would like to keep our current settings (I.E. not to modify the
> laptops configurations) at this time and buy some more units.
> The AP-1121G is priced at ~$500, the AP-1231G is priced at ~$700 (Here
> in Israel)
> I would like to hear pros and cons so I could decide, eventualy - if I
> can mix them without troubles I'll buy both types. 

It's quite simple - the 1100 series only have one antenna, whereas the 1200
series have two (one receive, one transmit).  This means you can put more
clients on each AP, or more bandwidth for each user.

Otherwise, they're mostly the same.

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