[c-nsp] Cisco Layer 3 Switch Recommendation

Jim McBurnett jim at tgasolutions.com
Fri Nov 12 09:59:59 EST 2004

I am gonna go out on a Limb here....
How about a Router that can do switching..
IE the new 2800 series and 3800 series..
I think everything above the 2821 may work for ya..
3845 has dual GigE ports, and they all come with 256MB of DRAM default..
		Expandable to 1GB of DRAM..
So the routing should not a problem..

2851 does 220Kpps..112.64 Mbps 
3845 does 500Kpps..256 Mbps---
The 3845 is better than a 7200NPE400- and below...
(AND just for those that say huh?
I have the specs on the NPE 400 as-- 420,000 CEFSwitched, 215.04 Mbps.)
Past this you either have a 3750 or big router.....

AND they all can have switch blades installed..
4, 9 and 16 port.. AND single port GE..

BUT will they perform in the service provider solution?

They are so new, does anyone have an answer?


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I wanted to hear from people with similar production setups, I need to
get 2 layer 3 switches that can handle RIP, OSPF, BGP (approx. 30 peers,
147,000 active routes), HSRP and QoS (CBWFQ).  They will need to be able
to handle about 300 Mbps of traffic at approximately 68,000 PPS.  Up
until now we have been distributing the traffic across multiple 7206VXRs
to handle these tasks but I can get rid of about 12 of those with 2 of
these.  I have never used anything from Cisco larger than the 3550 for
layer 3 so the more information the better (memory, supervisors, image).
Thanks in advance. 

Guy H. Lupi
Eureka Networks
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