[c-nsp] as-path access lists

joshua sahala jejs at sahala.org
Mon Nov 15 20:30:43 EST 2004

On (15/11/04 20:20), Alex Foster wrote:
> Im trying to do some load-sharing across two feeds - so need at the very
> least some customer routes to populate the BGP route tables on both of
> my 3550s, Level3s customer routes exceed 15000 so I need to try and
> filter this down.


to clarify:

    -   you have two links to level3, one to each of the two 3550s
    -   you want to balance your outbound traffic on those links

how are hosts/customers/users connected to these switches?  do you have a
link between the 3550s?  could you send an ascii diagram of the basic 
layout please?

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