[c-nsp] BGP --> EIGRP redistribution

Earls, Michael Michael.Earls at 53.com
Mon Nov 22 15:56:28 EST 2004

Can you add your BGP config? Do you have "bgp redistribute-internal" under
router bgp ASN.



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I've recently attempted redistribution of two networks learned from bgp into

my igp (EIGRP) using a route map.

Basic configuration looks like this:

router eigrp xxxyy
 redistribute connected
 redistribute static
 redistribute bgp xxxyy route-map BGP-EIGRP-Redist
route-map BGP-EIGRP-Redist permit 1
 match ip address prefix-list GlobalNetworks
 set metric 6500 1 255 1 1500

ip prefix-list GlobalNetworks seq 1 permit 206.x.x.x/17
ip prefix-list GlobalNetworks seq 2 permit 152.x.x.x/16

When I do a 'show ip eigrp top 206.x.x.x/17', it returns "% 
IP-EIGRP (AS xxxyy): Route not in topology table".

On this router the bgp routes are learned via iBGP, however I have tried to 
redistribute these two routes into EIGRP on other routers in my AS that 
learn these routes directly from the peer (routes are tagged 
external) and I've had no luck there either.

Is there something I am missing?  I feel like I have tried every 
configuration from here to sundry, but nothing will redistribute from BGP 
into EIGRP.  The connected and static networks redistribute without issue.

Thanks in advance,

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