RES: [c-nsp] Different Traffic thru BGP links

Ryan O'Connell ryan at
Tue Nov 23 19:15:08 EST 2004

On 24/11/2004 00:08, Rodney Dunn wrote:

>Can you be more specific with some baseline data you have? 
>Netflow is done in the CEF path and is very optimized
>for speed and on hardware forwarding platforms it's
>done in hardware.  It does take more cycles on a software
>forwarding platform and based on the hardware architecture
>it may or may not decrease performance on hardware
>based forwarding platforms.

Sorry, I should have been more specific.

It's analysing the data once it's exported that requires lots of CPU - 
i.e. server CPU cycles, not router ones. I've seen very little impact 
enabling Netflow on a router.

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