[c-nsp] Growing BGP tables

David J. Hughes bambi at Hughes.com.au
Tue Nov 30 19:26:18 EST 2004

I hope that most people on this list would open a case to try to get a 
feature like this included in upcoming IOS releases.  It's about the 
only thing that will extend the life of your "RAM limited" routers 
without breaking connectivity to historically legitimate /24 


On 01/12/2004, at 9:40 AM, Rodney Dunn wrote:

> For those that have the ability to open a TAC case and they
> think this is something they could use,
> open a case and have the TAC engineer attach
> the case to this bug:
> CSCsa45474
> Externally found enhancement defect: New (N)
> Ability to block overlapping BGP prefixes from being installed in RIB

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