[c-nsp] RE: Routing performance database

Michael Markstaller mm at elabnet.de
Sat Oct 2 08:07:29 EDT 2004

This is really a great idea ! I'd be happy to supply results, I have an
excel-sheet with results from approx. 10 different lower-end platforms..
(so not blaming anybodys 6509 ;)

But I also see some problem wether there are legal issues ? (it's not
only that we are fed with marketing-papers but also not allowed to talk
about the real-world..)

I also don't why it shouldn't make sense to build up such a database due
to differences in environments and/or platforms as long as it can be
documented which feature were used (i.e.
IOS-version/Switching-path/NAT/CBAC/IPSec/COMP-LZS/GRE/L2TP etc.) and
how it was tested (streams,packet-size etc.), at least it will be much
more realistic than the pps and megabits of IMIX-3DES which is very far
away from reality..
An episode why I think this would be important to have such a database
for anybody: I had a month-taking case/disussion with Cisco some time
ago, that a 2621 was unable to deal with > 1Mbit IPSec-traffic under
load and I wished something like that was available.. they told me that
the routers are simply to slow for the job of dealing 1 MBit IPSec with
CBAC instead of confirming that the packets shouldn't get
the problems disappeard after some 12.2(x)T improvement in CBAC
magically without Cisco ever confirming me, that it the problem was
CBAC-pkts getting process-switched, in my case only with IPSec and
HW-crypto (which was the real reason for the slow performance)..
some weeks later this appeared:
and I had no more performance-troubles since then, the 2621 push through
2Mbit with ease, but it took me weeks to find out..

when purchasing IOS-boxes it'd be helpful to see wether at least
1/6-1/10 of the in several whitepapers specified IMIX 3DES-performance
is somewhat realistic with real-world features..
BTW: the miercom-reports for the new x8xx platforms go the right
direction but the most interesting details are unfortunately missing..


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> There's been a lot of questions lately (as always!) about the 
> performance
> of various routers. Would there be any legal issues about 
> with setting an
> a site where people can list their real world experiences with the
> performance of various pieces of kit?
> I guess it wouldn't really be any different from a hardware 
> review, but
> there's often clauses in licenses that prevent this sort of stuff.
> Anybody know? I don't mind setting it up.
> Sam

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