[c-nsp] NetFlow changes in 12.2.25S?

David Luyer david at luyer.net
Sun Oct 3 02:41:22 EDT 2004

NetFlow seems to have changed in a couple of ways in 12.2.25S;

  1.  "ip route-cache flow" is removed and converted to "ip flow ingress"
      on upgrade... this is fine

  2.  "mpls netflow egress" is removed and has no apparent replacement...
      this is a problem

The "show mpls interfaces" subcommands no longer show the output feature
states, and no MPLS sourced flows are accounted via NetFlow.  I can't see
anything in the release notes, I can't find any command to turn this
back on but I don't see a bug logged - so I'm wondering if there is some
wierd and wonderful syntax change, or just a yet-to-be-logged bug.

Using NetFlow v5, and everything was fine in 12.2.18S5.


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