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Oleksandr Pantus alx at vsmu.vinnica.ua
Mon Oct 4 03:04:19 EDT 2004

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On Sun, Oct 03, 2004 at 06:08:29PM -0700, Pete Templin wrote:
> I've got a 7507/RSP4 running 12.0(27)S1 with four VIP2-50s in it.  Three 
> VIPs have a PA-FE-TX and a PA-MC-2T3 in them, one has only a PA-FE-TX. 
> We've been running into some problems lately where one of the PA-MC-2T3 
> cards begins showing loads of drops, and packets can't seem to enter 
> this router and make it out the T1s (but locally-generated pings can). 
> VIP CPU on some subset of the VIPs goes to 100%, and it seems the only 
> fix is to remove and reseat the VIP.  We've swapped the VIP with no 
> success.  Cisco TAC hasn't come up with a solution yet, and I'm starting 
> to lose my hair (OK, that was already happening naturally).
> Any thoughts on what to check, what to watch for, etc.?  This PA-MC-2T3 
> handles roughly 60-80 fractional T1s on one T3 port, and 28 full-rate 
> T1s on the other T3 port.  We have a similar layout on each PA-MC-2T3, 
> but the second card only has about 25-35 fractional T1s (about 13 of the 
> 28 T1s have channel-groups on them) but a full load of 28 full-rate T1s 
> on the other T3 port.  The third PA-MC-2T3 has about 20-30 fractional 
> T1s but no full-rate T1s (yet).  This box moves a total of about 24-28 
> Mbps, so I'd have a hard time imagining that any portion of it is 
> overloaded.  We've got a few "mistakes" on it that we're going to 
> rectify, such as two of the PA-FE are using subinterfaces, which isn't 
> CEF switched in this version.  There are five VRFs along with the global 
> table.  Each VRF uses only connected and static routes, and never 
> actually becomes MPLS encapsulated (2-10 T1s and/or frac T1s and one 
> subinterface; a default route points to a node in the subnet of the 
> subinterface).
> Any pointers?
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