[c-nsp] RE: DSL host config

Voll, Scott Scott.Voll at wesd.org
Tue Oct 5 18:02:52 EDT 2004

I'm new to DSL hosting.  so please forgive the new bee questions.
I have a 2600 with a single ATM t1 to Qwest and at the customer side They have an ACTIONTEC DSL modem/router/wireless (701).
I have successfully got it working PPPoA with the out of the box Actiontec config.
But I need to turn off NAT so that VoIP will work.
Can someone show me how to do this?  I'm not quite sure how to change my router config to allow for this, or how to change the Actiontec to allow this either.
I'm just going on what Qwest gave me.
PS. I'm open for anything.  PPPoE, Transparent bridging, etc.etc.  If you can send me a sanitised Config I learn best that way.

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