[c-nsp] Familiarity with Cisco as a proxy server.

Clayton Zekelman clayton at MNSi.Net
Thu Oct 7 10:58:06 EDT 2004

Notwithstanding that your answer was actually WRONG, as this isn't the 
Cisco solution - which the original message was asking for.

A more helpful participant already pointed out that Cisco DOES in fact a 
have a solution with their Content Engine series of products.

I would have expected at least the use of complete sentences, but then I 
often expect too much.

At 10:08 AM 07/10/2004, Hudson Delbert J Contr 61 CS/SCBN wrote:
>yeah, its canandian for fwtk.
>firewall tool kit.
>did you bother to look it up in google.? had you done that you would have
>found 73,000 hits - more than enuf
>info to find out it does.
>if i had answered checkpoint or pix, would it have clicked?

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