[c-nsp] 2 x 3550 with HSRP

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Thu Oct 7 15:08:29 EDT 2004

Sorry correction included:

Yes you need to have an HSRP config under each VLAN interface that you want it to participate in. Yes they support ( I believe) 255 HSRP groups.

Switch A - Primary

interface Vlan 6
ip address y.y.y.y
standby 1 priority 110 preempt
standby 1 ip x.x.x.x
standby 1 authentication 

Switch B - Secondary

interface Vlan 6
ip address z.z.z.z
standby 1 priority 100 preempt
standby 1 ip x.x.x.x
standby 1 authentication 

You can also tweak the timers for faster failover and configure interface tracking if needed. See http://tinyurl.com/3tuak
Rob Crowe 
rwcrowe at comcast.net

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> >From the research I've done, I've confirmed that you can take two 3550 
> switches and use HSRP. 
> However, I want a sanity check. 
> For HSRP to work, I will need to setup HSRP for each VLAN. 
> If I have 6 VLANs, then I will need to have 6 HSRP configurations? 
> Do the 3550's support having HSRP for each VLAN? 
> If anyone has sanitized configs they want to send, they would be 
> appreciated. Unfortunately I don't have 3550's in my test environment, and 
> will have to set this up on production switches. 
> Dave 
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