[c-nsp] 2 x 3550 with HSRP

Marco Matarazzo marmata at libero.it
Fri Oct 8 03:29:33 EDT 2004

> Yes you need to have an HSRP config under each VLAN interface that you
want it to participate in. Yes they support ( I believe) 255 HSRP groups.

Has anyone tried HSRP on Layer3 interfaces instead of vlans?
I've a couple of 3550s used to route customer connections in a colo. They're
connected with the two borders, speaking RIP (taking the default from the
borders for failover).
I was thinking about putting a customer on two layer3 ports on different
3550s, and setup hsrp. This way the control messages will be passed via the
customer's switch, if one of his switches fail, the corresponding port on
the 3550 will go down, and will stop sending control messages, so the other
port will take the traffic. I think the only problem could be if the
customer switch fails in a way that the port doesn't go down, but control
messages won't take their way. In this way both routers will want to be
master, and I think they really dislike it! ;) Apart from that, can this


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