[c-nsp] 7200 Bus error crash and strange disk error

Osama I. Dosary oid at saudi.net.sa
Sun Oct 10 10:20:15 EDT 2004

I agree that staying with 12.2 is the safest choice, but I was eager to 
jump to 12.3 since we have many routers already running 12.3 (without 
this problem), and also because that we might be doing IPv6 stuff 
sometime soon.

The features that we using on this box are basically terminating a 
couple of channelized E1s, using HDLC, and we are running ISIS as our 
routing protocol with a few ACLs and route-maps here and there. Nothing 
complicated. (*No* IPv6, VPDN, BGP, IPSEC, MPLS, policy-routes, or 
anything fancy on the router.)

Mark Pace Balzan wrote:

>hello osama,
>you said you had a crash with 12.2(7)a, which may be related to an IOS
>software bug and changed IOS to 12.3
>I would have chosen to upgrade to the latest 12.2 image which I believe must
>be around 12.2(25) or so by now.  Ive had a 7206 on 12.2(19) running for a
>long time without issues.
>also what features are you running on the box, perhaps you can identify
>which features are triggering the crash ?
>IMHO 12.3 may be still abit too new, and has many new features, and
>therefore new bugs, especially for production network.
>Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 14:21:02 +0300
>From: "Osama I. Dosary" <oid at saudi.net.sa>
>Subject: [c-nsp] 7200 Bus error crash and strange disk error
>To: cisco-nsp at puck.nether.net
>Message-ID: <41691B1E.4030803 at saudi.net.sa>
>Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1; format=flowed
>We have a 7200 that keeps on crashing, giving the error "System returned
>to ROM by bus error at PC 0x80007D98, address 0x7DE8 at 12:13:17 AST Sun
>Oct 10 2004".
>I couldn't find anything on the web or Cisco's site and tools to explain
>We were running IOS 12.2-7a, when it a crashed a couple times and
>couldn't find any reason, I thought there might be an undocumented bug,
>so I set it to load 12.3-5d if it crashes again. It crashed again and
>took on the new IOS (12.3-5a.) And it also crashed twice when running
>the 12.3-5d.

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