[c-nsp] VRF question

Marko Milivojevic markom at pangalactic.net
Mon Oct 11 10:14:29 EDT 2004

>>    I think you are wrong about the above statement. Think about PHP here. 
>> Packets destined for the next LSR will not be tagged, while the packets 
>> that are passing through the next node will be labeled.
> Yes, you are right. But I was referering to run plain IPv4 and MPLS 
> simultaneously on the same interface. Without PHP the the packets would be 
> labeled, but PHP optimizes the label lookup at the receiver.

    Rodney already gave you another example, but I will give you another. 
Even without PHP, say you have LSR that has only default route to a certain 
destination. Unless you specifically instruct LSR to do so (mpls ip 
default-route), packets destined for this destination will not be labelled. 
Packets destined for "known destination" out the same interface will be 
labelled as usual.


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