[c-nsp] VRF question

Per Carlson ml at carlson.homeunix.net
Mon Oct 11 10:45:15 EDT 2004

On 2004-10-11 16:25, Rodney Dunn wrote:
> W2N-3.6-7401ASR-B#sh run int gig 0/0
> Building configuration...
> Current configuration : 146 bytes
> !
> interface GigabitEthernet0/0
>  ip address
>  tag-switching ip
> end
> The interface looks just like any other MPLS interface.
> Just globally you would prevent labels for being exchanged
> via 'tag-switching advertise-tags <acl>'.  What happens
> in the forwarding path depends on the control plane being
> set up and tags exchanged for the relevant prefixes.
> In this scenario you can have ip and mpls packets going
> in/out the same interface.  

Looks like I have to brush up my MPLS knowledge ;-) I my world of MPLS 
(L3 VPNs), either packets are tagged (MPLS side) or untagged (VRF side) 
on a P/PE. Appearently, you could do a lot of other nifty things with 
MPLS which I don't grap (yet).

I think it's time to end this branch of the tread now.


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