[c-nsp] CSCea21516...WHY no fix for 12.2T

Dennis Peng dpeng at cisco.com
Mon Oct 11 16:42:54 EDT 2004

The bug is fixed in 12.3 mainline (12.3(3) or later). 12.3 mainline
should be much more stable then 12.2T since it is basically a
continuation of 12.2T, with just bug fixes and no new features (unlike
12.3T which gets new features). At this point we aren't planning on
patching fixes into any of the 12.2T throttle branches anymore (except
PSIRT fixes). Have you had a bad experience with 12.3 mainline?


james edwards [hackerwacker at cybermesa.com] wrote:
> I have hit bug CSCea21516, TurboACL runs excessive CPU %'s when tickled with
> unspecified packets.
> There is not fix for 12.2T, you must move to 123T. There is a fix for 122S.
> Why no fix for 122T ?????
> 123T has far too many bugs for me to consider migration at this point, I
> have already tried it and am sorry
> I did. TAC wants me to speak to my sales person. I just want Cisco to fix
> their bug for this software we paid
> good money for.
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