[c-nsp] CSCea21516...WHY no fix for 12.2T

james edwards hackerwacker at cybermesa.com
Mon Oct 11 17:20:39 EDT 2004

> The bug is fixed in 12.3 mainline (12.3(3) or later). 12.3 mainline
> should be much more stable then 12.2T since it is basically a
> continuation of 12.2T, with just bug fixes and no new features (unlike
> 12.3T which gets new features). At this point we aren't planning on
> patching fixes into any of the 12.2T throttle branches anymore (except
> PSIRT fixes). Have you had a bad experience with 12.3 mainline?

That kinda works, it is PPPoE that is the kicker that pushes me to T (in
and I see 123 mainline has PPPoE.

BUT, there is no control plane in 123 mainline. It is broke in 123T (for
Without the control plane feature we will have to migrate to another router
vendor that supports
it & has for some time. I have waited long enough to properly protect my
interfaces and loopbacks
& if this current change of IOS for me cannot include control plane then
Cisco no longer supports the features
I need. My attempt to use 123T was not a pleasant one.

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