[c-nsp] IOS DHCP server + relay agent

CEW CEW cewsg at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 12 05:46:36 EDT 2004


Will this scenario work ?


R4 acts as a DHCP server.
R1 has helper-address to point to R4 interface (the
one that connects to R3)

i tried this out and on R4 i see

DHCPD: DHCPDISCOVER received from client
0100.0d56.7841.83 on interface GigabitEthernet0/2.

DHCPD: there is no address pool for

in this case is the interface that connects
to R3.

On R4 i configure

ip dhcp pool TENANT

The R1 interface that connects to the PC is configured

Did i miss out anything..?

thanks for the help !

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