[c-nsp] GSR 12008 CSC-8 issues

Robert Geller rgeller at terremark.com
Tue Oct 12 08:55:02 EDT 2004

I have a 12008 with 2 CSC-8s (ver2), and 3 SFCs.  We have 1 GRP, 1 gig 
blade, 1 10/100, and 1 OC48 POS.  We noticed that the CSC fail light 
ocassionally blinks amber on both CSC-8s. We opened up a TAC case they 
recommended replacing the CSCs.  They shipped us 2 of them, which 
experienced the same problem.  We cold booted without the line cards, 
only the CSC/SFC and GRP, same thing.  We tried running single CSC, 
still the amber light.  We swapped the GRP, and no luck.  We are running 
out of options.  TAC is saying the amber light is the CSC itself having 
issues, however we are not sure why replacing them didnt fix the issue.
We are not sure what type of issues we will have putting this unit in 
production.  Prior to swapping out the CSCs, we ran a show tech and saw 
the line cards in "Board State is Waiting to retry download after 
persistent failures (RTRY WAIT)"  This is what prompted us to call TAC.
Reseating the line cards and cold booting resolved this issue, however 
not sure why that happened either.  The unit was up for an hour when we 
started seeing the persistent failure condition.  Other things I noticed 
is that pulling out the active CSC and failing to the backup sometimes 
puts the 12008 in a state where all the line cards reset and fail to 
load IOS.  We are running 12.0(28) S1.

Any ideas / Advice is greatly appreciated.


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