[c-nsp] GSR 12008 CSC-8 issues

Ryan O'Connell ryan at complicity.co.uk
Tue Oct 12 09:11:50 EDT 2004

On 12/10/2004 13:55, Robert Geller wrote:

> I have a 12008 with 2 CSC-8s (ver2), and 3 SFCs.  We have 1 GRP, 1 gig 
> blade, 1 10/100, and 1 OC48 POS.  We noticed that the CSC fail light 
> ocassionally blinks amber on both CSC-8s. We opened up a TAC case they 
> recommended replacing the CSCs.  They shipped us 2 of them, which 
> experienced the same problem.  We cold booted without the line cards, 
> only the CSC/SFC and GRP, same thing.  We tried running single CSC, 
> still the amber light.  We swapped the GRP, and no luck.  We are 
> running out of options.  TAC is saying the amber light is the CSC 
> itself having issues, however we are not sure why replacing them didnt 
> fix the issue.
> We are not sure what type of issues we will have putting this unit in 
> production.  Prior to swapping out the CSCs, we ran a show tech and 
> saw the line cards in "Board State is Waiting to retry download after 
> persistent failures (RTRY WAIT)"  This is what prompted us to call TAC.
> Reseating the line cards and cold booting resolved this issue, however 
> not sure why that happened either.  The unit was up for an hour when 
> we started seeing the persistent failure condition.  Other things I 
> noticed is that pulling out the active CSC and failing to the backup 
> sometimes puts the 12008 in a state where all the line cards reset and 
> fail to load IOS.  We are running 12.0(28) S1.
> Any ideas / Advice is greatly appreciated.

What do "show log" and "show controllers fia" give?

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