[c-nsp] ip load-sharing per-packet and RPF

james edwards hackerwacker at cybermesa.com
Tue Oct 12 13:17:46 EDT 2004

> > I have 2 T1s that are load-balanced with my provider using "ip
> > load-sharing per-packet". When I set "ip verify unicast reverse-path" I
> > begin to lose every other packet. I had thought Unicast RPF was
> > compatible with CEF's per-packet and per-destination load sharing.

It the very least you need to do loose check to allow for asmeterical
but I would think that as you are doing per-packet you loose any flow info,
uRPF may end up checking ***every*** packet vs. the first packet of every
Perhaps someone else has a clear understanding of this and can comment.

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