[c-nsp] boot config on 26xx

Brian Turnbow b.turnbow at twt.it
Wed Oct 13 03:12:32 EDT 2004

It's early here and the coffe machine is out of order...I forgot to mention that 
You need to activate service config  and 
You need to substitute running with router hostname in lower case...


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This is not officially supported at least as I know it but...
You can set up tftp-server on your router tftp-server flash:running-config

And then use
boot host tftp://routeriploopbackaddress/running-config

To save copy running to flash and your good to go.

Be sure to secure the router so that not everyone can tftp your config...



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a related question: the below only works on certain platforms, the link below says "This command is only available on Class A file system platforms", whatever this means (the docs don't list many current platforms) now, anybody knows a way  to move startup-config into flash on a 2651 ? 
I have some where compressed config is quite close to nvram-limit and already had troubles with lost certs due to nvram-size..

"boot config" works fine on i.e. a c803 and 7206, but isn't available on (just checked): 
1712,1760,2621,2651,2621XM,3725,3745 - all running IOS 12.3

I'm just a bit confused because i.e. the "squeeze" command is also said to be avail only on "Class A" filesystems working on all above mentioned platforms..


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To write the config, you can use: copy running-config disk0:filename


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