[c-nsp] ISL VLAN support by Cisco 1750 ??? (not 1751)

Dennis Peng dpeng at cisco.com
Wed Oct 13 20:31:49 EDT 2004

The 1720 and 1750 hardware does not support VLAN's (dot1q or
ISL). Feature Navigator is mainly basing it's information on the
presence of the software subsystem. Since the vlan subsystem is there
on the 1700's (since the same code runs on the 1720, 1721, 1750, 1751,
etc), it mistakenly thinks the capability is there. We'll update FN.


Ilia Zubkov [rx at nikogo.net] wrote:
> I noticed that ISL VLAN feature is declared to be supported on 1750 
> paltform (NOT 1751!!!) by Feature Navigator at cisco.com 
> (www.cisco.com/go/fn/). Software versions declared are not-so-old: IOS 
> versions like 12.2.24 or so and feature sets like IP/VOICE PLUS or 
> IP/VOICE/PW/IDS/PLUS. They say those feature sets can be loaded on boxes 
> w/o voice hardware, and even on 1720!!!
> Comments???
> So I wonder if it is really possible to build an ISL-bundle like 
> 1750+1924-EN or 1750+2924XL-EN, to build an ISL-trunk between 1750 and a 
> catalyst and to make 1750 route IP between VLAN subinterfaces.
> If anyone was a success to do so -- please, let me know. Thank you.
> --
> Sincerely yours,
> Ilia Zubkov,
> Educational Network technical director
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