[c-nsp] How good is WRED? Where and When to use it?

Tantsura, Jeff jeff.tantsura at capgemini.com
Mon Oct 18 04:44:51 EDT 2004


At my ex employer I've implemented WRED in combination with CBWFQ on
2.5G backbone.
When we got  double fibre cut, bidir 4G, no single packet  in the Gold
class was dropped.

Though a lot of fine-tuning needed.


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Dear List,
I have tested WRED queue for an interface. It performs better then FIFO.
How good is WRED? Where and When to use it? And the how to
calculate/estimate factors like;

 random-detect flow count 32
 random-detect flow average-depth-factor 16

Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

Best Regards,
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