[c-nsp] eigrp split horizon with SRP

Josh Duffek consultantjd16 at ridemetro.org
Mon Oct 18 11:35:49 EDT 2004

Here is a snippet of my topology:

        /       /    \
       /       /      \
    (t1)    (oc48)     \
     \      /   \      (t1)
      \    /     \      /
       \  /       \    /
      [site1]   [site2]

So, each of my sites has a connection on the ring and a t1 for backup.
Because of split horizon the routes I RX on my SRP don't get sent back
out...so for site-to-site traffic the remotes send that stuff out of the
T interfaces.  For right now it is not a major problem as it is enough
bandwidth to cover...but if the T goes down then I am hosed.

Obviously I could disable split horizon and it might all be peachy...but
before I do that I figured I'd run this by you guys to see if there
wasn't another alternative.  I couldn't find anything about p2p
subinterfaces with SRP or anything like that...is there anything I can
do besides disable SH?

Sorry I'm opti-clueless and haven't done a whole lot of RP lately...so
any help would be much appreciated.


josh duffek    network engineer
consultantjd16 at ridemetro.org
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