[c-nsp] Advice Needed on CIsco Equipment

Richard J. Sears rsears at adnc.com
Mon Oct 18 18:07:40 EDT 2004

Hello Everyone - 

I an planning on deploying an additional backbone router away from my
main datacenter. 

I will be bringing in 4 or 5 gig-e connections to the router and then
sending a gig-e connection about 150 miles away to a Cisco 12060.

I utilize 12060's and 6509's running the SUP720 engines locally in my
data center, but I think both of those may be overkill for what I am
trying to accomplish.

In aggregate I will end up pushing 600 to 800mbps out the one gig-e pipe
back to my main data center while all other gig-e connections will be
200 to 300mbps each.

I am looking for a recommendation on a Cisco router that will handle
this. I need to have redundant engines and power supplies for this as
well. It will be doing BGP with all connections.

I have never had much luck with the 75xx series Cisco equipment running
the RSP4+ engines and trying to get any reasonable bandwidth out of
the gig cards, so I am looking for ideas.

Thanks In Advance !!

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