[c-nsp] Bandwidth metering on 7206VXR with ATM

Nick Voth nvoth at estreet.com
Wed Oct 20 19:55:31 EDT 2004


We are using a Cisco 7206 VXR to aggregate DSL customers. The data all comes
to us over ATM and each customer is set up with their own VC.

Is there a way, inside the Cisco, to monitor bandwidth utilization on a per
customer on "per VC" basis and automatically throttle them if usage is
sustained past a certain point.

First, we do set UBR rate statements depending on the speed of the
customer's subscribed service. I know about the different rates using VBR as
an ATM class. However, the "burst" rate in VBR doesn't really work as I
would guess. It lets them burst for only a few seconds and then ratchets
them down to the rate that was set as the sustained rate.

I'm looking for a mechanism that will allow them, say, 20 or 30 minutes at
maximum usage, but them close them down to something more reasonable.

The base problem is a handful of users who subscribe to a 1.5MB DSL circuit
and keep it maxed out 24/7. I can enforce arbitrary policies on them when I
catch them, but I'd like something more automatic and consistent.

Thoughts, ideas?

Thanks very much,

-Nick Voth

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