[c-nsp] Redundent RSP4s w/ 12.3/12.4 - Where did SSO go?

David Coulson david at davidcoulson.net
Tue Aug 16 17:39:12 EDT 2005

I decided to get off 12.2S and run plain old rpr-plus, rather than SSO. 
Is state '5' the appropriate standby state for the slave RSP? I really 
couldn't find any useful documentation on rpr-plus and the various 
states for the master/slave RSPs.

#sh red st
        my state = 13 -ACTIVE 

      peer state = 5  -STANDBY COLD-CONFIG 

            Mode = Duplex 

            Unit = Primary 

         Unit ID = 2 


Redundancy Mode (Operational) = rpr-plus 

Redundancy Mode (Configured)  = rpr-plus 

      Split Mode = Disabled 

    Manual Swact = Disabled  Reason: 

     Progression in progress 

  Communications = Up 


    client count = 6 

  client_notification_TMR = 30000 milliseconds 

            RF debug mask = 0x0

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