[c-nsp] OSPF vs BGP to customer

Joe Shen sj_hznm at yahoo.com.cn
Wed Aug 17 21:04:13 EDT 2005

IMHO, if two access routers on different PoP are
required running OSPF is not a good idea. But, you
could run two OSPF process on the same router, one for
our backbone the other for customers. Defualt route
could be inject into customer's network , while your
main ospf process could only accpet network summary
from customer OSPF process. 

On the other hand, if your network has a L2 switch
network 'below' layer3 network, you could just connect
the two customer site to the same VLAN which spans to
two access point. VRRP could be established to
guarantee service availability.


--- Pete Templin <petelists at templin.org>写道:

> Adam Greene wrote:
> > Is it generally recommended to avoid running OSPF
> with customers for any
> > reason?
> Yes, I would avoid running any IGP with any
> customer.  Too hard to 
> filter (at least with link-state, all nodes in a
> link-state IGP should 
> have the same routing information; you could
> possibly do OK by putting 
> the customer into a unique area, but there are
> better ways...), too easy 
> to mess up your world.
> BGP provides much more administrative control IMO.
> pt
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