[c-nsp] snmp traffic stats - dot1q subinterfaces

vic vic at vianet.ca
Thu Mar 17 10:12:02 EST 2005


Thanks for replying.

Dale W. Carder wrote:
> On Mar 15, 2005, at 2:22 AM, vic wrote:
>> I'm getting invalid results from our cisco 7500 and 7600 routers.
> All bets are off for LAN cards on the 6500/7600's, and as others

We are using LAN cards.

> have mentioned on this list (Jay @ UIowa, we feel your pain),
> subint support is only for WAN cards.

Any word when and if this will be supported?

> What snmp software are you using?  Are you sure it's grabbing the
> right interfaces (is ifindex persist enabled)?

Cacti for traffic stats.

We receive the same results when walking the router from the shell. 
(UCD-snmp version: 4.2.3)

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