[c-nsp] Frame Circuit Not Cooperating

Jerry Kersey jrk at ebsco.com
Wed Sep 14 15:13:22 EDT 2005

Is this a new install???

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the other end is a ds3 frame circuit that has about 10 pvc's mapped to it.  
its on my equipment and its working fine, the other pvc's are working fine.

this pvc has never worked though.

On Wednesday 14 September 2005 14:04, Larry Smith wrote:
> On Wednesday 14 September 2005 13:39, Chad Whitten wrote:
> > Ive got a 256k frame circuit thats loosing packets and is virtually
> > unusable and Ive exhausted all other avenues of support.  Bellsouth is
> > less than helpful and this circuit is configured identical to 4 others
> > which all work fine.  The line supposedly tests clean and ive replaced
> > the router three times with no change in symptoms or results.
> >
> > my config is as follows
> > interface Serial0/0
> >  ip address
> >  encapsulation frame-relay
> >  service-module t1 timeslots 1-4
> >  frame-relay map ip 500 broadcast CISCO
> >  frame-relay interface-dlci 500
> >  frame-relay lmi-type ansi
> >
> > ive checked clocking - its set to line
> > ive checked line code - its set to b8zs
> > ive checked framing - its set to esf
> > all of which are the same for my other circuits and what Bell BNIS says
> > are correct
> >
> > the router is a 2610xm, and ive also use a 1720 & 1750, all with
> > different wic cards and same results
> >
> > ive disabled all access lists and have nothing plugged into the ethernet
> > port except a switch which has nothing in it.
> >
> > Bell does see errors coming from the csu and therefore tells me its my
> > equipment or configuration.
> Chad,
>   What is the "other" end of this circuit, yours, Bell, or what?  I have
> more than one occassion (not just Bell either) had the test center tell me
> they were seeing "errors" or whatever from my end of a circuit when I had
> the plug in my hand (and nowhere near the router in question).   Point
> being sometimes they get their "ends" mixed up.
> My first response now is to plug in a X-Jack (loopback connector) and have
> them verify what they see.  Dont tell them you are looping just ask what
> they see.  If they do not see a loop, then ask them to look at the other
> end of the circuit.  I have four specific circuits up right now that if we
> call in a ticket, the tech will always be dispachted to the wrong end
> unless they call us first (both we and the techs know this now and the
> actually calls us himself).
> Other than that, as has been mentioned, check any wiring, punch downs,

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