[c-nsp] Frame Circuit Not Cooperating

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Wed Sep 14 21:24:16 EDT 2005

Hi Chad,

  I think I know what your problem is but your going to have a devil of
a time getting it fixed.

  I think you have a bad HTU (or NIU) card out there.  I've had 2 of
these fail
to where the interface on the card that is plugged into your T1 card is
but the rest of the card is good.  As a result the phone company always
the T1 to the NIU card is good and that your CSU or cabling or whatever
bad and no matter what you change out the circuit never works.

  What you are going to have to do is have them dispatch a tech with a
to your site, and have him jack into the T1 side of the HTU or NIU or
and run patterns through to the CO.  However the phone company will
refuse to send a tech out because they think the problem isn't in their
The secret to get around this is to offer to pay for the phone tech to
"fix your
inside wiring" and then when the guy comes out if he doesen't have a
then boot him out, and keep doing it until they send a guy with a T-bird,
when he finds the NIU is bad, document the crap out of everything, get
tech ID number and his supervisors name and everything so that when they
bill you you can dispute the bill.  They aren't supposed to bill if the
problem is
their equipment but they often do.

  Another thing you can do (that I've done before) is if the NIU cards
are in a
rack, sometimes there's extra ones that are on old T1 circuits that
live anymore, and you can swap them.  That of course moves the problem
so that the next T1 that gets provisioned in will be RFed, but that's
other guy's problem.

  Of course, if you do that say nothing to the phone company, first they
will refuse to believe that it's a bad NIU and if you persist, they may
to call the cops on you, since that's their equipment that you are
with.  If you get a live tech out there it's OK to tell him (usually) as
the techs
aren't stupid like the CO people are.


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>Ive got a 256k frame circuit thats loosing packets and is
>virtually unusable
>and Ive exhausted all other avenues of support.  Bellsouth is less than
>helpful and this circuit is configured identical to 4 others
>which all work
>fine.  The line supposedly tests clean and ive replaced the
>router three
>times with no change in symptoms or results.
>my config is as follows
>interface Serial0/0
> ip address
> encapsulation frame-relay
> service-module t1 timeslots 1-4
> frame-relay map ip 500 broadcast CISCO
> frame-relay interface-dlci 500
> frame-relay lmi-type ansi
>ive checked clocking - its set to line
>ive checked line code - its set to b8zs
>ive checked framing - its set to esf
>all of which are the same for my other circuits and what Bell
>BNIS says are
>the router is a 2610xm, and ive also use a 1720 & 1750, all
>with different wic
>cards and same results
>ive disabled all access lists and have nothing plugged into the
>ethernet port
>except a switch which has nothing in it.
>Bell does see errors coming from the csu and therefore tells me its my
>equipment or configuration.
>Chad Whitten
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