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The fans in the power supplies look ok, so I think the only ones left are those in the fan tray on the side of the switch.  If you view the switch from the side, you should be able to find one or more that is not spinning.  Not sure about the NEBS chassis, but the regular ones are like this.  I don't think the fans are individually replaceable, I believe the fan tray is one whole item.

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I have 6500 Catalyst and one FAN is out of order.
This is the output of show env:

a4-231-s01> (enable) sh env
Environmental Status (. = Pass, F = Fail, U = Unknown, N = Not Present)
   PS1: .     PS2: .     PS1 Fan: .     PS2 Fan: .
   Chassis-Ser-EEPROM: .     Fan: F
   Clock(A/B): A         Clock A: .     Clock B: .
   VTT1: .    VTT2: .    VTT3: .

Can someone tell me, which FAN is ouf order ??
When I paste this output into the output interpreter,
I only got the message, the show command is not known.

Can someone tell me, which part is failed ?

Thanks in advance,

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