[c-nsp] Really need help with atm vc-per-vp on NM-4T1 3640

Ruben Alvarez raa at opusnet.com
Thu Feb 2 20:05:46 EST 2006


I'm having a really hard time getting this command to work.  As I
understand, I should be able to adjust the number of maximum active VCs that
module will allow.  Currently, it is allowing 255 maximum VCs.  I'm using
IOS 12.2(32) GD.

I'll shut all 4 of the interfaces and apply the command.  It looks like the
command is applied, but the value for maximum active VCs does not change.
If I do a show interface, I see that the command is in the interface,
vc-per-vp 512.

There's not much documentation of this command.  Anyone have any experience
with this?

Ruben Alvarez

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