[c-nsp] Traffic Shaping

Joseph Jackson JJackson at aninetworks.com
Thu Feb 2 20:52:38 EST 2006

Hey all,
    We currently have a ds3 to the internet which we pay a flat fee for
the first 10megs of traffic and anything over that we pay extra.  I have
been tasked with setting up some traffic shaping on the link so we can't
burst over the 10 meg cap.  My first question is is it better to do rate
limiting on the switch or the router?  The router is a 7206vxr with an
NPE-300 and 128megs of ram.  The switch is a catalyst 2950. Question
number 2)  We only want to limit traffic from US going over the 10 meg
cap we do not want to limit any of our customers hitting our websites to
be limited. Is it possible for the router/switch to only rate limit on
traffic that originates from our network?

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